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Anyone have luck using AT&T 340U usb card on RAP3?

I am trying to use an AT&T 340U usb card to connect by RAP3.  It never even appears to dial, status on card just read "Ready to connect".  I have access to the web page for the RAP3 and can ssh to it.  The RAP3 works fine with broadband plugged in to E0 but I want to verify I can use a usb aircard also.

What I've tried:

Resetting the RAP3 and just letting it auto detect - which looks correct.

Restarting with E0 disconnected.

Moving 3G/4G to the top of Uplink Priority List.

Manually setting: USB dev:  0x11999051 and USB type: netgear-gobi; or sierra-evdo or sierra-gsm or sierra gobi

Testing 4G card from laptop and updating 340U firmware to

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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Re: Anyone have luck using AT&T 340U usb card on RAP3?

To anyone that runs in to this.  6 days back and forth with TAC was not helpful, but I did find the answer by digging again in to these forums.


- bug ID 102807 was mentioned here, but the needed patch was not described


- a Google search found this Aruba doc which sheds the light that the needed Netgear patch is not a firmware upgrade, but rather a patch to make the 340U compatible with Linux


- this author provided the link to the Netgear patch


-  alas the needed Netgear patch for Linux compatibility on the 340U

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