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Aruba 620-US Mobility Controller



I am looking at Aruba 620-US Mobility Controller on ebay. I will be for using this for persnal use. I saw a post about licensing. If the unit has been totally wiped, is there a way to recover the license? How much are licenses? It is coming with 3 access points.


I don't want to spend too much but what to know what I am getting my self into.


Thank you!

Re: Aruba 620-US Mobility Controller

Hey, if the controller has had the command "write erase" then the licenses will be present. If "write erase all" has been completed then the licenses have been lost. You would need to either speak to the previous owner to obtain them or to TAC who maybe able to retrieve these for you. If the model is a 620-4-US then the AP will come with 4 built in AP licenses. I'm not sure on the price of the licenses I'm afraid.


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