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Aruba AIP and Cisco firewall configuration issue


I am trying to configure Aube IAP 225 for guest wireless network and want to use Cisco ASA 5505 firewall as DHCP server for guest machines.

I have configured a SSID and selected “network assigned” IP addresses and defined the static VLAN 10. My firewall is connecting to the same VLAN 10. My clients are getting the IP address from the firewall but no access to the Internet.

If I replace the firewall with a router, clients are getting IP’s from the router and access to the Internet. Also if I connect direct to the firewall I can get to Internet.

Can someone please advise if Aruba IAP does any NAT which my firewall doesn’t allow to access Internet or do I have to make any changes on Aube?



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Re: Aruba AIP and Cisco firewall configuration issue

Is the subnet that your Cisco Firewall is providing DHCP addresses for allowed to go out to the internet?  Can your clients ping the default gateway?  If so, your problem could be the firewall...

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Re: Aruba AIP and Cisco firewall configuration issue

My client are getting IP from the firewall but I can't ping the gateway address which is the firewall inside interface IP.


If I connect my laptop direct to the firewall, i can connect to the internet.


Any advise...

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Re: Aruba AIP and Cisco firewall configuration issue

but can you ping the default gateway if you just connect your laptop?


is the IAP connected on an access port directly on the firewall or via a switch or such?


did you create a SSID with full access on the IAP? could you share the config?


need more info to point to a possible issue

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