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Aruba Activate and Aruba Central


We will be deploying about 180 IAP 105’s to remote sites. We have decided to use Aruba Central to manage the AP’s. I have set up different groups within Aruba Central for the AP’s. Is it possible to have Aruba Activate move the AP’s into a specified group within Aruba Central, or is it a two-step process. Have Activate point the AP’s to Aruba Central and then log into Aruba Central and move the devices to the desired group.


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Re: Aruba Activate and Aruba Central

Edit: It is a two step process, it only allows you to point the IAP to the Aruba Central

2014-01-20 11_18_27-Aruba Activate.png


You should consider doing feature request for , it seems like a good idea since it will simplify things .


The one step process is for the Controller piece

2014-01-20 11_19_57-Aruba Activate.png

Thank you

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Re: Aruba Activate and Aruba Central

So Just create identical groups in Activate?



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Re: Aruba Activate and Aruba Central

Hi Mark,


If you are deploying APs using Aruba Central, you do not have to set up provisioing rules in Activate. This step will be taken care of automatically by the license binding process.


Here are the steps:


1. Once the order has been executed successfully, you will see the list of devices under Maintenance -> Device Management. This list is pulled from the Activate account (no user interaction involved).


2. Select the devices that you want to manage and assign them to the license available. This step creates a sub folder and the provisioning rule in activate behind the scenes.


3. When the devices are powered up and are able to reach out to the internet, they will appear under the "Default" group.


4. At this point you can move them into the new groups that you have created.


So from a user perspective there are still 2 steps involved, but nothing to do in activate.

1. create the groups in Central

2. Assign devices to license and then move them into their respective group.


 Hope this helps.

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Re: Aruba Activate and Aruba Central

Thank you. That clears it up.

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Re: Aruba Activate and Aruba Central

Hi there, I'm excited to hear about your Central / Instant deployment -- and would love to know how it goes.  Would you be open to a marketing story about the process, once you're through it?


Sylvia (

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