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Aruba Activate fail-prov-no-rule failure

I have a remote AP (RAP3) , set up on Aruba Activate with a controller profile, set to convert to remote and assigned an AP-Group. 


Other remotes (RAP3) are up and running on the controller, however a new one fails with this message




I have factory reset the AP

It has been trying for 3 days


What does fail-prov-no-rule mean?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Re: Aruba Activate fail-prov-no-rule failure

That message means that device is not associated with a folder that contains a provisioning rule.


1. Move device into folder with provisioning rule

2. Create a provisioning rule in the folder that contains this device.


Send me your user-id or customer info and I can take a look if needed.





Aruba Employee

Re: Aruba Activate fail-prov-no-rule failure

strange it is in a folder with 3 other devices and a provisioning rule.


My userid is the same as here:


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