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Aruba Activate



I have some questions on Aruba Activate


By default, will a new AP try to connect to the Aruba activate server ?

Does this apply to all AP's or just IAP's and RAPs ?

If I have DHCP Option 43 configured on my LAN to point to my Aruba controller, will the AP still try to connect to the Activate server ?

How is the communication between the AP and the activate server secured ?


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Re: Aruba Activate

At Factory default an IAP and RAP running in IAP mode will first try to find the location of your AirWave server via DHCP.  If no information is received it will, next, talk to Activate to see if a profile has been created.  The profile in Activate will then point the IAP to your AirWave server.


Today, Activate is for IAP and RAP-3WN only.


IAP / RAP-3WN talk to Activate via HTTPS.

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Re: Aruba Activate



I have some questions on Aruba Activate too.


Is it possible to add a new IAP on aruba activate account ? I think it's not possible, so I would like to know the links between IAP bought and the devices list in Activate account. My guess is : the IAP is registered (in Aruba databses) with a customer name. So when you create an account with this customer name (= "Organization") you will find your IAP on the devices list when you are logon.

But if it's right, does it mean that evryone can register with my "Organization name", and then find my IAP on his devices list and so create rules for my IAP?

I can't understand how Aruba can verify the account requester and the Organization does he came from ?

Thanks for your help.



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