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Hello Guys

We have got a client which want to know how many users pass by their small shop in mall.


I though we could use the aruba central analytic, as far i read on the manual

Based on the proximity of the client device to a specific site, the Wi-Fi signal strength, and the time spent at the sites, the clients are classified as follows:
Passerby—An associated or unassociated client who is in vicinity of a specific site and has an RSSI value greater than or equal to -90 dBm.
Visitors—The passerby clients who spend more than 5 minutes at the site and have an RSSI value greater than -65 dBm. You can customize parameters for dwell time and RSSI values on the Presence Analytics > Settings page



i seei can modify the visitor parameter buti cannot modify the passerby paremether to put some other different value than -90dbm


Im interested in changing that -90dbm value because the shop is really really small.   It just 40mts2

if im out of the shop im really sure that it wont be -90dbm, it would be somehting like -53 dbm something like that so it wont work for me.


Is there is somethign i could do with this??? or im mis understanding on how it works????




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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