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Aruba Central Cloud Guest

I'm having some issues with Aruba Central's cloud guest feature on Windows 10 computers. The captive portal works perfect on iOS and Android devices. However, on our W10 devices, if the portal is acknowledged in Chrome it just gets into a redirect loop and never fully logs the user in. If Internet Explorer is used, they can get logged in but only after bypassing a certificate error for (which might be what is killing it in Chrome)


Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Based on my searching I see a lot of instances of similar results using the default internal captive portal on the IAPs, requiring a third part certificate to be purchased, but I thought the Cloud Guest feature got around that issue?


Re: Aruba Central Cloud Guest

You should install your own certificate.


The browser is posting the credentials to the CN of this certificate, and therefore should be a customer owned valid certificate, and not one of the built-in's.

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