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Aruba Central - How long Device-Logs will be stored there?

Hi all,

my customer asks me about the general Data-Storage-Policy of Aruba Central. And I can't found any answers in the whole Aruba Documents and Community universe....

Question 1: For how long, any Information (Events, Status-Logs, Debug-Outputs) that a managed device (e.g. IAP 205) send to Aruba Central, will be stored at the Central-Platform?


Question 2: At Aruba central Monitoring WebGui, I'm able to view counters an graphs at least for the last 3 months. The reporting-tool is limited also to at least 3 months. What is the reason of the limit?

Will all data older than 3 months be auto-deleted or auto-consolidated, or auto-archieved?


Question 3: Is there any way for me (as aruba central customer), to delete manually any recorded log-data, which is stored at aruba central platform?


Question 4: Now, a new aruba central DC is online in Germany. Has this DC a different data-storage policy, than the data-storage policy in USA?


Many thanks for clear answers...

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Re: Aruba Central - How long Device-Logs will be stored there?

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I was also looking for some answers to the similar questions and come across the following :


So, data retention period is 90 days which ties in with what you see in the reporting range.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)

Re: Aruba Central - How long Device-Logs will be stored there?

Poor and very limited... Aruba Central still has to improve a lot... Aruba should also review its official documentation, where it says about Aruba Central:


Store your management data indefinitely so you can create reports containing historical data if needed.


But not true...




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