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Aruba Central Licensing Doubt



I have a doubt about Aruba Central licensing. 


I need to purchase onde license per AP or one license per VC?




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Re: Aruba Central Licensing Doubt



Missed the Aruba Central piece.

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Re: Aruba Central Licensing Doubt

For Aruba Central 'subscription' (aka. licensing if you prefer) it would be one subscription per AP.



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Re: Aruba Central Licensing Doubt

Thank you 


Re: Aruba Central Licensing Doubt



5 sites with 3 IAPs per site.     So each site has:  AP1, AP2, AP3, which is really AP-VC-1, AP-2, AP-3.  One unit does 'double duty' as the VC.   It's still '3' units at site.


What to purchase for Central?


5 x 3 == 15 subscriptions and all will be managed for you.



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Re: Aruba Central Licensing Doubt

i currently had a VC with 8 aps. 


i started to add the first 3 with suscription, then the customer witout further notice add the other 5, witout doing nothing.


VC algorithm added the aps, and the aps were added to Aruba central controller. 


we can change the name at the APS witout suscription. I havent tried change more things because we are happy with the template in the master AP.


i believe if for some reason you lost the Master AP and the new master has no suscription, you will lost the management via AC.




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