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Aruba Central - Some IAPs are monitored but not subscribed



I have deployed an IAP cluster linked to an Aruba Central account.

I proceeded as following:

- Local deployment of the first IAP and configuration of the virtual controller

- Local deployment of other IAPs with manual configuration (hostname, IP, channel)

- Creation of the Aruba Central account

- Activation of the key

- Link the Virtual controller to Aruba Central using Cloud Activation Key / MAC

- I configured SSIDs and the configuration is correctly pushed on local virtual controller.


I faced issues of virtual controller not able to synchronize with Aruba Activate anymore (resulting in a desynchronization with aruba Central..). I solved the issue by connecting locally in SSH, defining again the country code FR then reboot all AP and it solved the issue.


I thought that it could be linked to a subscription issue and I discovered that even though all the 22 IAPs are active and managed by Aruba Central, there are only 15 IAPs (in reality 13 are currently active and 2 have been unprovisionned) of them that are recognized in Device Management.

Here is a clearest view with screenshots:


Aruba Central > Monitoring and Reports > Network Overview


Aruba Central - 22 AP UP.png

Aruba Central > Global Settings > Key Management

Aruba Central 15 IAP 8 Available Device Subscriptions.png

 Aruba Central > Global Settings > Device ManagementAruba Central - 15 devices including 2 down.png

As Aruba Central is correctly monitoring UP IAPs, it should also assign a subscription to all of them, correct?

Did I missed a fine detail?


I think I will also need to unsuscribe the 2 unprovisionned devices but they are not present in Monitoring&Reports>Network Overview > APs to be able to Delete them from Aruba Central...


Thanks in advance for your advices.





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