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Aruba Central disconnect

I am currently trying a demo of Aruba Central. I am experiencing some trouble disconnecting an IAP 105 from Central. I am unable to select the device management portion of the GUI.


What would be the cause of being unable to select device management?




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Re: Aruba Central disconnect

Currently, you must reboot your IAP to restore local WebUI access once connectivity to Central is blocked.


This behavior will change soon so a reboot will not be necessary.  The timeout value is currently 15 minutes.

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Re: Aruba Central disconnect

Perfect. Thanks

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Re: Aruba Central disconnect

Hi guys,


Is there any update about this problem? we want to temporarly disconnect the VC from Aruba central but even after pausing Aruba central on vc gui we are not able to get gui access and it shows the status as connected.



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