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Aruba GRE


I am trying to create a L3 GRE tunnel to send authentication guest and staff traffic which my virtual mobility controller, but for some reason, it is not working. From the log I see that request to build GRE goes from IP addr of physical AP and not from virtual IP of Instant cluster. But when I put IP of this physcical AP to controler, tunnel don't up. Also I can't disable hearbeats on Controler GRE config. 

Configuration attached.

I can provide further details on the configuration by request.

What additional configuration I need to check to resolve this issue?
Thank you and Best Regards,

Boris Gaponenko

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Re: Aruba GRE

Hi Boris,


Aruba GRE—With Aruba GRE, no configuration on the controller is required except for adding the Instant AP MAC addresses to the whitelist database stored on the controller or an external server. Aruba GRE reduces manual configuration when Per-AP tunnel configuration
is required and supports failover between two GRE endpoints.


NOTE: Instant APs support manual and Aruba GRE configuration only for L2 mode of operations.
Aruba GRE configuration is supported only on Aruba Controllers.


Please refer to user guide for IAP & controller for additional information.

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Re: Aruba GRE

Hi Nitesh, I have a few magazines with installed IAP clusters there and one with Aruba7010+AP. All traffic is going to the internet locally through these IAPs. I want to use one centralized captive portal for my guests. So I installed and configured CPPM. I have internal private networks between all my sites.  But I can't only route guests authentication to CPPM due to the problems with configuration of my network part (assymetric routing). So I decide to put my  virtual aruba controler behind CPPM and terminate L3 GRE from my sites. But unfortinatly it doesn't work. Tunnels is not up.


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Re: Aruba GRE

Hi Boris,


Please refer to following article once:


In case issue is still there, I would suggest to open a TAC case.

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