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Aruba IAP-135 High CPU Consumption

Hi Airheads,


We recently bought an IAP-135 to take a look at it.

It currently has the latest firmware version


The problem I have is that the CPU usage goes up to 90% when i'm transferring data at speed about 100-110 Mbit/s

At this time i'm the only client on the IAP and have and established connection with a linkspeed of 300Mbit/s


If the CPU is used for 90% during 100Mbit transfer, what would the CPU usage be if the total transfer speed came closer to theoretical 900Mbit/s for this AP?


So, the question is, is it ok for CPU consumption to be that high ?

And of course I understand that 300mbps is only a linkspeed,theoretical maximum speed. But isn't 100 Mbit/s too low for a linkspeed of 300?


Thank you for your opinions.

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Re: Aruba IAP-135 High CPU Consumption



this seems to be related to the following post:


On my deployment, CPU usage went to normal usage level after disabing MAS integration.


Best regards,


Paul Gallant. Eng.
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Re: Aruba IAP-135 High CPU Consumption

Thanks Paul,

But looks like this is not the case.


Although I was telling about, actually I  had the same picture even with


As you recommended, I tried disabling MAS integration, but not sure if it worked. Reboted the IAP and found MAS integration enabled again. So far I wasn't able to have it disabled after reboot.


Luckily, I noticed that a new firmware version had just become available - (The IAP is Dell-branded, so all firmare updates come later than for original aruba devices)

After upgrading to, I was able to disable MAS integration (it stayed disabled even after IAP reboot).

But still no difference in CPU usage.

When i Hit 100-120 mbps, cpu usage hits 80-90%. When there is no transfer - it is used for 10% on the average


Could someone share their normal CPU usage under heavy load, say when IAP transfers total of more than 100mbps ?



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