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Aruba IAP 205 ?

We have 17 AP IAP 205 and some time the virtual controller sometimes see 17 AP and somtimes see 15 and return back to 17. any idea about this case?


Re: Aruba IAP 205 ?

We will need some more information to be helpful:

  • What firmware version are you using on the iAP205?
  • Are they sharing the VLAN with clients, or do they have their own VLAN for management?
  • How are they connected (is layer-2 up and stable, do they have good power, etc.)
  • have you looked at the logging kept on the VC to see if there are any issues?

It is possible that in answering these you will find and fix the issue. Please report back to the forum if that happens so we can learn from what you find.



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Re: Aruba IAP 205 ?

Dear sir,

we discvered that the DHCP sever didn't  store the ip that given to the AP so  he distributed the IP's again and made a confilict to our so the AP's drops down we solved this problem by given static IP.

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