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Aruba IAP-305 Question

Hello, I am new to the site but I'm reaching out to you today because I need your help. My AV installer wants to sell me some Aruba IAP-305 Access Points. He claims they are amazing and I will get faster speeds and better coverage than all residential products. I'm excited about this BUT he is not able to verify/quantify/prove any of these claims because he says there is no documentation available. Also I will not be able to have access to any type of portal for firmware upgrades etc.  


I was wondering if anyone can tell me how much better these really are vs. a mesh set up being these are not cheap.


Many thanks!!! 


Re: Aruba IAP-305 Question

I would start here:


There is a Web interface for managing firmware updates. I would suggest asking the installer why you would not have access to that console as that may be a part of a managed service they are offering, or something similar.

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering

Re: Aruba IAP-305 Question



Enterprise Access Points especially from Aruba are definitely better then any consumer brand for numerous factors. Below are some of them to give some food to your thoughts and decisions


1) Consumer brands lack in providing reliability since they dont (and wont) offer any SLA guarantees. Enterprise brands such as Aruba provide reliable performance and they are responsible to provide it, if there is any issue, TAC will work you through to get it done. I dont expect we can get any such assurance from consumer vendors

2) Better User Density management. 

My experience with some customer who use products like Unifi, always complain about user density and roaming issues. Consumer brands usually dont provide reliable air fairness algorithms to balance different clients holding different capabilities

3) Better Roaming, Sticking client problem

Sticky client problem is a norm for consumer grade. No matter what they claim they cant get rid of it. Aruba takes care of it


Also keep in mind that depending on the number of APs, you can easily startout with IAP-305 and make a cluster without needing extra on-premise or cloud controller( Note: Aruba doesnt provide cloud controller)


Regarding his statement about no access to firmware, please check, i think he may be trying to sell you pre-owned or grey market product.

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