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Aruba IAP 315

Recently we purchase 10 × Units Aruba IAP 315 to deploy in our warehouse.Yesterday we setup 10 x units APs in Rack A to the one cluster with configure virtual controller IP is

Today we split 1 x Units APs to diffferent Rack B and plug to diffrent switch found that this units AP become the own cluster and we plug the other rack A become own cluster.

After that we found that problem is because the management VLANs we never permit in the switch then we permit in the switch problem the solve.

But for the APs create the own cluster we need to hardreset and join to the clustet again.

Please advice ,how yo prevent IAP create another own cluster and what is the correct way to do it.

Re: Aruba IAP 315

IAP's will form a cluster over a L2 network (i.e. the same subnet).

If they are using seperate subnets, then they will form seperate clusters.

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Re: Aruba IAP 315

May i know any way to avoid to form the own cluster accidently ?

That is heppen two us two time during implementation.


First Time is misconfiguration is trunk ,we are configured our management VLAN :98 and WLAN management is VLAN :99 .We have two group of stackwise swicth from location A to location B.Both location are connected with two RJ45 and configure using LACP .In the AP uplink port we configured native vlan 99 and other tagged VLAN for guest and staff.


In the firstplace ,we never allow VLAN 99 in the LACP trunk then we found that location B form the own cluster 


Second time we unplug our LACP physccal link and also all the APs in location B ,the reason they unplug is help us to do the cable management.One of the staff plug in two APs in location B without the LACP link the this two APs form the own cluster again .


That will cause us painful to bring down to reset because we mount the APs very high because that is warehouse .


I need expert to advice me below question:

1.If the AP is form another cluster but we still can access using the AP using IP addres ,any command to remove the wrong cluster and join to correct cluster .


2. Any way to avoid those incident happen ?





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