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Aruba IAP - 3rd party SFP!!

I recently got a AP-375 and I need to try and use a Cisco BIDI SFP. (Aruba only seems to support SX or LX). Everywhere I look I see you can do this on an Aruba switch using "allow-unspported-transceiver", but I can't seem to find anywhere if the SFP is available on the IAP or if there is some knob that can be turned. It's running ArubaOS 8.x...


Re: Aruba IAP - 3rd party SFP!!

We currently do not have an option to just enable any SFB module in the AP. Nor should any non-Aruba module be used. Internal temps of the AP will quickly exceed the non-industrial SFB temp ratings and will damage the module and likely the AP. Aruba only supports the two modules listed on the ordering guide and data sheet.

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Re: Aruba IAP - 3rd party SFP!!

those devices run totally different code, so that command won't really help.. if you get into the cli of the iap, does it show any info on the optic (does it even show up)? Check the documentation for that iap and see what kinds are allowed, most likely it's not compatible at the hardware level, but good luck.. Ask this question on the airheads forum, they're brilliant there..
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