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Aruba IAP Access Point Question

I have been running IAP-205 in one setup.  We needed to add a larger AP for more area coverage.  I had talked to Aruba and they recommended the Aruba AP-345 because it would work well with my current setup.  I placed the AP-345 in service.  The power light came on no problem.  It shows connected to the switch on the same VLAN setup as other IAP-205 on the network.  On the switch, my IAP-205 shows they are bond, on the AP-345 it shows Eth0 connection.  However, it is not broadcasting.  Plugged it in just like I have done with all the others and it is not broadcasting.  Just the power light is showing illuminated. It is on top of the gym right now.  I do not have access directly to AP only the cat-6 that is connected to the switch.


I would appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Aruba IAP Access Point Question

From what you've described, you have a firmware mis-match on the new AP.


I believe the IAP 340 series ships with an 8.x firmware.

IAP 205's do not support 8.x firmware.


To join an AP to a cluster, the AP has to be on the same version of firmware on the existing cluster.


Since you only have access to the device from the switch, you may have to power-down the existing AP's and power-up the new on; you can validate the firmware via the SETMEUP SSID.


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