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Aruba IAPs Drop All IPv6 Traffic

I've tested this now with (3) wireless clients. All clients can get IPv6 addresses on the network but the IAPs won't pass any IPv6 traffic (not even ICMP's to the router). Plugging the clients into the wired network resolves the issue (clients can ping the internal interface and access IPv6 on the WAN).


This worked last week then just stopped. No configuration changes have been made and the IAP's. I'm at a loss to explain this behavior.


Any ideas/suggestions?




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Re: Aruba IAPs Drop All IPv6 Traffic

Disabling the ARP broadcast filter resolves all issues.

I'm not a network engineer but this seems like a HUGE bug. ARP broadcasts should have nothing to do with IPv6 HTTP requests, for example.


Can someone confirm/test?

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Re: Aruba IAPs Drop All IPv6 Traffic

Aruba Instant has poor IPv6 support, but forwarding of IPv6 packets does work. With default settings router-advertisements will be dropped, make sure you configure the SSID with the broadcast-filtering setting at "None" (not ARP which is the default).



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