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Aruba Instant 802.1x with HP IMC UAM


Is there are possibility to change Acceess-Request attribute in Aruba Instant OS?

Problem is that I'm trying to implement RADIUS 802.1x authentication (WPA2-Enterprice) with HP IMC UAM server. But virtual controller sends wrong Access-Request with attribute Service-Type Login but not Framed as it should  be.. So  IMC interprets that as Device Management Service but not LAN Access Service and rejects Access-Request.

Any ideas?

iMC UAM version 5.2

Aruba IOS version

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Re: Aruba Instant 802.1x with HP IMC UAM



Did you find a work around ? I'm also facing this issue.

So before spending time on this, I'd like to know if you have the solution :)




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Re: Aruba Instant 802.1x with HP IMC UAM

Hi Fabien,

I had to upgrade APs because this feature was ony available since Instant OS 6.5.3 or a liitle bit earlier, now I am using 6.5.3. As I remembet problem was that Instant controller was not able to send Framed-User attribute. 


Config example for IMC  auth:

wlan auth-server IMC
ip xx.xx.xx.xx
port 1812
acctport 1813
key 9766aa25ee6ce4bd2d5e70e20212308935def2bd009772f1
nas-ip xx.xx.xx.xx
service-type-framed-user 1x






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