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Aruba Instant L2TPv3 VPN to 3rd party vendors

Hi there,


     I would like to build a VPN server (Linux/Windows) and terminate with L2TPv3 the VPN tunnels of some iAP's of our clients.

     1) Is this possible? I looked on the documentation and I saw only how to set up from the iAP the tunnel but no reference on what has to be on the other end of the Tunnel.

      2) If it is possible - I would very much encourage to share that type of config from the 3rd party vendor.


     I will for the next few days try anyway to establish something like this on a Windows server (limited given the working environment).


Thank you.

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Re: Aruba Instant L2TPv3 VPN to 3rd party vendors

I'd be interested to see this working. Keep us posted! :smileyvery-happy:


At present the only supported hardware for terminating IAP's is Aruba Controllers.




ACCX #540 | ACMX #353 | ACDX #216 | AMFX #11

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Re: Aruba Instant L2TPv3 VPN to 3rd party vendors

Did not work on other 3rd party vendors. Let us know when you successfully integrated to any 3rd party vendors.
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Re: Aruba Instant L2TPv3 VPN to 3rd party vendors

I Beleive we can make it work only if we use the right Layer2 or Layer 3 if we can NAT the IAP VC to a public IP we may can do it just choose the same type of VPN on both side and same authentication method must be supported from both sides this is normal in any networking.

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