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Aruba Limitation for an amount Remote APs per site

Hi Guys,


We are building a Wireless Remote service using a Controller at our main branch and AP68 at many different locations.

I'd like to know what are Aruba's limitations for the maximum amount of APs at a single branch (10? 20? 100?)

I could find any documentation stating the recommended amount.


i.e - Can I connect 70 APs via Remote (IPSEC) to my controller?


Thanks!! :)


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Re: Aruba Limitation for an amount Remote APs per site

It sounds like you're asking two questions.


The amount of RAPs a controller can accomodate, is determined by controller model and licenses. What do you have, or intend to get?


The second question is more linked to your WAN speeds between sites. I.e. the potential amount of RAPs out of the site, really depends on how fast your WAN is. How fast and what type of connections do you have from the main and remote sites? e.g. main site has 100Mbit internet, remote sites have 10Mbit internet, or something else???


Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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Re: Aruba Limitation for an amount Remote APs per site




I understand the License and BW limitations you have mentioned but the question I am asking is a bit different.


According to Aruba, Is there any other recommendations regarding the maximum amount of APs that should be installed in one site (besides BW and licenses)? If the BW and controller License allow me to have 80 remote APs in one site using a centralized (near the controller) IAS Radius server, is that recommended?


I remember there being a limitation where Aruba would suggest placing a controller after a number of APs.


Is the question clear?



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Re: Aruba Limitation for an amount Remote APs per site

The limit of remote APs depends on:


- How many ipsec connections the router/firewall can pass at a time (many are limited to 1, 4 or 8)

- If there is a different administrator at the remote site than the main site he might like to configure those devices separately.

- If you would prefer to have control at the local site, so that you are not dependent on the internet connection between the sites to administer the devices..

- Would you need the traffic to stay local or go back to the main site, and would having a controller there reduce the bandwidth between the two sites....

- Would you need a controller at that local site to provide advanced routing functions or POE.


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