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Aruba Virtual Internet Access (VIA) works only with MAC but not with Windows, only connects after i

Good afternoon,


I was hoping the community could help me figure out an issue that I have been battling. I have set up Aruba VIA for VPN access for remote users. The VIA clients authenticates to a Windows RADIUS server (Network Policy Server). This works great for my Mac clients, but my Windows clients are another story. We install the VIA client on Windows and installs and connects perfectly, but only until the PC is rebooted. Once it reboots, we can never get this client connected back to the VIA network. We are required to uninstall, reboot and reinstall and only then will the VIA client connect and authenticate again. But, it gets worse, upon then next reboot, the initial problem comes back and the user can't connect and authenticate again.


I have been working with TAC, but so far we have no solution. Can anyone think of what we can do to resolve this issue?


Thank you,



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