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Aruba Wireless Bridge - AP as WLAN Client?

We have a requirement to connected some individual wired-only workstations in a warehouse to the WLAN. I know of the Aruba 501 wireless bridge inherited from before the HPE acquisition, but what other solutions can you recommend? Is it possible to configure something like a 303H as a WLAN client to connect with EAP-PEAP or EAP-TLS to an existing Aruba WLAN?

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Re: Aruba Wireless Bridge - AP as WLAN Client?

501 client bridge would be the recommendation and supports both PEAPv0 and EAP-TLS.

If this response is more than 1 year old, it may no longer be accurate. Please consult official Aruba documentation, TAC or your Aruba SE.

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Re: Aruba Wireless Bridge - AP as WLAN Client?

Does the 501 allow you to do any port-based security on the ethernet side? e.g. 802.1x or at least ACLs.


Also does the 501 support more than one client VLAN or is it just a "dumb" bridge.

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Re: Aruba Wireless Bridge - AP as WLAN Client?

No wired dot1x on the 501 uplink port, and no multiple VLANs, you would need a proper mesh link and a switch on the remote side for that, or you could run a wired RAP over the 501 for mobility if you need the remote side to roam.

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Re: Aruba Wireless Bridge - AP as WLAN Client?

As this discussion is a comparison of capabilities between a true mesh link and the Aruba 501 wireless bridge, I have further questions about multicast traffic.


Is multicast traffic supported on the Aruba 501 so that wired clients can receive it?

The 501 configuration guide says only IPv4 traffic is allowed, but does this include multicast or does the 501 not know where to forward it?  Could "redirecting unsupported traffic" (pg.32) achieve this for multicast?

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