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Aruba for extended home network



I have two IAP-135. I want to use them for home network. My network provider is giving me Internet connection via Ethernet cable and is assigning MAC address on switch. So, I gave him Aruba AP eth0 interface MAC address and connected AP to Internet.


I was very supprised because Aruba AP got public IP and started serving Internet when I configured SSID. Unfortunately one AP has not enought coverage for my home network, so I connected another via ethernet cable (old to eth1 and new to eth0/eth1). I hoped that they will form group and I'll have extended WiFI coverage and possibility to connect via cable to second AP but second AP is not appearing on Virtual Controller.


I tried to configure eth0 bridging and Auto join mode is also enabled. How can I configure it?


In attachement you can see what I want to achieve.

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Re: Aruba for extended home network

You should configure your WLAN VLAN as "Virtual controller Assigned".  That would create an internal VLAN that would be source-natted out of the Virtual AP, so that your mac address does not change.  You would then add the second AP as a "mesh" AP where you do not have to plug in the ethernet cable, after it finds the first AP wired and it gets provisioned: 


- First change your SSID VLAN to Virtual Controller Assigned.  Make sure your WLAN still works.

- Follow the instructions here to add a second AP as a mesh:

- You should be able to plug in your second AP into power, but have it mesh to the first AP wirelessly and allow your clients to get on the network.

- Your client traffic should be source- natted out of the first AP.



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Re: Aruba for extended home network

"but have it mesh to the first AP wirelessly"

You mean that connection to first AP (connected to Internet) will be via Wirelless? It is not good. I would like to have cable connection to first AP via second because my Internet connection is 100/100Mbps so cable connection will be nice to have sometimes :-)

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Re: Aruba for extended home network

Mesh can get you 100/100 also
Cheers, Frank
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Re: Aruba for extended home network

Maybe... but I think that it depends on signal strength.

Anyway, LAN connection will be sometimes necessery for hosts which don't have WiFi (I'm using Raspberry Pi as little server and don't have WiFi card).


Please tel me is that matter which interfaces I'll use to connect Aruba APs together and to Internet/Host?

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Re: Aruba for extended home network

OK, I tried first with one AP.

I connected enet0 to Internet and configured managing by Virtual Controller.

When PC gets IP via WiFi connection then it is also NATed to Internet and everything is working fine.

But when I'll connect it to enet1 then it is getting IP but Internet is not working.

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