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Aruba iap 305 2.4GHz high latency issue

I got a problem with iap 305 with both 5ghz and 2.4 ghz radio.Clients with 802.11 ac adapter has no issue but clients with b/g/n adapter occur high latency issue with my wireless. I got the radio setting as below Capture.JPG

any configuration requirement for my wireless network?Please suggest.

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Re: Aruba iap 305 2.4GHz high latency issue

In the first instance consider reducing your maximum transmit power to either 12 or 15. There is numerous reasons why this can cause issues (near/far, large coverage cells etc, CCI). 


Also, how are you measuring this latency? To an external server or internally?

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Re: Aruba iap 305 2.4GHz high latency issue

I am measuring my latency by pinging local gateway bro.We are installing AP like in usual office.

Re: Aruba iap 305 2.4GHz high latency issue

omething to be aware of, when laptops are running on AC, the OS has different power profiles based on whether they are AC or on battery. When on battery, the OS (windows by default here) will put maximum power saving settings on the WLAN nic which puts the radio is maximum PSP. You can change the power profile of the operating system in windows such that when on battery, the radio is not put in maximum power saving mode. This will minimize or stop altogether any PSP activity and latency will very likely return to normal. The AP itself has no control, nor does it have any awareness nor can it differentiate between clients on AC versus battery, it's all in what the client does in terms of turning the radio on and off to save batter that matters, But clients with high power saving profiles neabled with more aggressively sleep the radio, send more PSP messages to the AP to indicate power save mode is on, and the result makes ping responses go WAY WAY up.


This may have nothing to do with the settings of the APs, but Craig's notes are worth following.

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