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Aruba instant connectivity issues



I am working in a school district and we are in process of implementing aruba instant in one of our school site in which a part of its is cisco.  we installed aruba instant AP in all other parts and we started our testing before going production. during the testing we ran in to a problem.  we tested with a IPAD and a Android device. while roaming from Aruba to cisco both clients stay connected but when coming back from Cisco to Aruba the IPAD works fine but the Android device ask us to connect again as well as gave a authentication error message .  we did a another testing with a aruba, cisco and netgear wireless network.  when roaming from aruba to cisco and netgear the IPAD and Android works fine but roaming back from netgear to Aruba or Cisco to Aruba the android client asks to reconnect or give error message . This is happening even with open networks.  did any one else facing this issue. the problem is mostly on Android.

Re: Aruba instant connectivity issues


You can roam between cisco and aruba if you have them in the same vlan and have the same default gateway and the same encryptation


the problem could be the  PMK caching or possibly OPMK caching aruba has turned it off by default turn it on the controlller and issues like this were resolved when you enable it.. the thing is that on instant you cannot change this value(an  i really dont know if this value is on or off by default on instants APs)


The other thing i saw is that you got 45 IAPs on the same VC

Take in mind that its limited to 1024 concurrent connection per group!.

As reference of this last thing




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Re: Aruba instant connectivity issues

today we did another testing but creating a lab environment with just one aruba AP. we connected a android tablet and walked away from the coverage area , after the coverage area the tablet drops off from the network. then when we walked back to the coverage area the tablet is tryin to connect to the network but couldnt because it shows up a error message that password was wrong and ask us to connect manually. This is happening with open network with security features turned on and also it specific to android tablet.

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Re: Aruba instant connectivity issues

Please open a support case so they can look at your setup.


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