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Aruba instant with airwave



I have queries regarding instant and airwave.

I have 3 sites and 3 IAP clusters I want to have similar configuration in site 1. & 2.

I have created one group = organization string cluster 1. Done the config from Airwave.

Q. How can I add cluster 2 in same airwave  group.Should I put same organization string as cluster 1. So that it will get added to same airwave group an pick the config.



Q. For cluster 3 I will put diff organization string and it will act as diff group on Airwave.Is there any limitation on creating different clusters in Airwave ?



Re: Aruba instant with airwave

for question 1. you can put it but make sure the virtual controller key is different from vc1 to vc2 if they are the same one of them will not talk back to airwave. you can change this on the CLI. just replace a few letters and numbers.
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Re: Aruba instant with airwave

I use organization string:location (example store:001)

The template applies at the "store" level, and the iAP and VC go in the "001" folder so I get easy seperation for reports and such.


I use the same passcode on all clusters, never had any trouble with them communicating.


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