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Aruba switch in Cisco network

I just got my first Aruba switch to evaluate it as I’m looking at some switch replacements. From the switch side I’ve worked with Cisco for years and it’s what I know better, but some of my network of IT folks have been singing Aruba/procurve praises so I’m doing some testing.

I think I’ve got a handle in tagged/untagged ports vs trunks. In some testing today I set up my vlans to match my existing setup but I found I couldn’t reach any of them unless I set an IP address on that vlan on the Aruba switch. Is this normal? Is there a guide somewhere I could look at to see how to integrate an Aruba switch into a Cisco environment?



Re: Aruba switch in Cisco network

Hi chamunda

Here is the hpe networking vs cisco cli reference guide.

If you need some help, put your cisco config example her and look what i can do for you.

Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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Re: Aruba switch in Cisco network

To stay a little bit update check this thread which report links to download the very latest 3.3 Edition of the Aruba HPE Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide.

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