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Aruba wlan bridge mode

Hello everyone,,,

i want to working in  mode that the traffic not go to the controller

my net build with MM-VA and MD the AP connected to the MD

and its fine but i want to create ssid that working even if the controller ununreachable .

i config ssid in bridge mode and then connected to the ssid when i disconected the MD the radio AP becom orange and my connection go down...

from what i now the bridge  can work without the controller when the client already connected..


do i miss somthing ?

the version of the controller 8.3


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Re: Aruba wlan bridge mode

In bridge-mode you will loose a lot of functionality and flexibility. Beter use redundant controllers. You have a Mobility Master so you can use clustering for high availiablity, seemless failover and live-upgrades.


ArubaOS 8.4 User Guide Page 1136 (link)


In the ssid virtual AP profile you can set a "operating mode" value to backup or always. When configured as always the SSID stays up while the WAN Uplink is down, but this not true for a CAP that is managent by a controller, it still need to exchange management packets with the controller. 


It could be worked when you configured a CAP as RAP (Remote Access Point). But my advise is to keep using tunnel-mode and make use of redunant controllers in a cluster.


For references see the RAP support modes.



Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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Re: Aruba wlan bridge mode

If you need access points to survive without a controller, I would also consider Aruba Instant

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