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BLE beacons of IAP315 / Change UUID, Major and Minor

My dear Aruba friends,


were are currently running 50 IAP315 in controllerless mode (so one of the IAPs is the master). The firmware is


All of the BLE devices in the IAPs show the same UUID with Major and Minor set to 0.


When I try to change these values via the CLI using

ble-configure cfg-ble-mac D4:36:39:81:8A:AC uuid 1000

there is no error message. A commit apply produces no error message es well, but the AP in question still shows the same major as the master AP. Even a cange of the Major on the master AP does not function.

Am I doing anything wrong or is there a bug in the firmware?


Your help is higly appreciated.


Best regards




MVP Guru

Re: BLE beacons of IAP315 / Change UUID, Major and Minor

The AP built-in beacons should be configured with the Meridian Beacons App and the Meridian platform. I don't know the command, but as far as I know the only way is via the App.

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