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Band Steering Feature

Hello All,


Is there a feature like "Band Steering" on the Aruba Instant Network Solution?


I have a recent deployment of an Aruba Instant Solution where most of the WiFi Clients (Laptops mostly) are on the 2.4GHz Band.


Under "Settings" there is an option for "Preferred Band". Will that do the trick?

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Re: Band Steering Feature

Finall figured out where the Band Steering feature is.


However, it was set to "Prefer 5GHz" and still I had most Clients on 2.4GHz.


Will try "Force 5GHz" and see what happens.



Re: Band Steering Feature

hello are

If you set it to prefer then they willl invite clients to that band...  Try using prefer... dont force if it you can

There are many factors you need to take in mind.


1-Does the design was base on a 5ghz site survey?

If it was not.... or you really dont know... it could happen that the guy that did the site survey, did survey on 2.4ghz and you got small isle of 5ghz... why this happen? because 2.4ghz travel farther than the 5ghz signal..

So If the user is at the edge or barely can see the 5ghz signal then he migth try connecting to the 2.4ghz or if he cant see the 5ghz band... because its too far and he can see the 2.4ghz (got the idea here?)

2-Does the clents on their setting got to by default connect to 2.4ghz?  does it has any preference?  check that out.. i have seem some wirleess card that are abgn and for some reason... i dont know it has it use 2.4ghz liek forcing it to that band...


Start checking those 2 things....

If you got something like an airchecker ti would be easy for you to figure out the 1  thing i said.


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Re: Band Steering Feature

I actually set it to "Force 5GHz" and I turned of my WiFi on my MacOSX and I was moved to the 5Ghz Band. I've also noticed some WiFi Clients are also on the 5GHz Band but some also on the 2.4GHz.


Is there any reason you would not like for me to leave it on this configuration?



Re: Band Steering Feature

Yes becasuse aruba Recomends it


thisis mode is the standard operation for the system. Clients that are 5 GHz capable are

encouraged to move to the 5 GHz band. If the client continues to attempt 2.4 GHz operation even when offered a 5 GHz connection, the system allows them to connect at 2.4 GHz. Aruba recommends that the Prefer 5 GHz mode be enabled for all deployments
Now as an additional recommendation i can give you
if the site survey was not done in 5ghz ttake this in mind... it can result  in unpredictable results for clients, especially if the force 5 GHz operatingmode is used.  Which is what you are doing right now...
Product Manager - Aruba Networks
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