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Bandwidth limits for guest network

I'm trying to restrict badwidth available on my guest network. I've created a separate guest SSID and and under "Bandwidth Limits" I've entered 3000kbps for upstream and 300kbps for downstream. This doesn't seem to have any affect on the client conneted to the network. I did a speed test and was getting 50mbit down without issue. I can check the per user boxes and that does seem to restrict it, but I don't want to limit it per user. I'd like to set a global limit for all the users on the guest network. 


Is there something I'm missing?


I'm running 3x IAP-105 with

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Re: Bandwidth limits for guest network

You need to upgrade to is old and there is no telling if bandwidth restrictions work correctly in that version of code...

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Re: Bandwidth limits for guest network

I just upgraded to I'll report back after I've had a chance to test a little more.


Thanks you.

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Re: Bandwidth limits for guest network

Upgrading took care of the issue. Things are running as expected. Thanks! 

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