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Basic Design - Instant



Looking to implement one large public wifi wireless network.  40-300 users


Customer will have a managed internet circuit with a static IP for this purpose.


Equipment is an Aruba S2500-24P switch and Aruba instant APs. 


Was thinking making the VIAP virtual controller assigned with a 192.168.x.x for the guests.


The switch would get connected directly to the internet circuit... Will it require any special configuration?  Thinking to make it all vlan1 to keep it basic.


Thank you




Re: Basic Design - Instant

The switch shouldn't need any special confiruration to support any of the IAP operation.

I'd recommend good security practices - specifically don't use VLAN1 for anything and harden the switch and your uplink router(?) etc.


If I were building such a hot-spot, I'd put the IAP swarm into one VLAN (say 10) and drop the SSID user into another VLAN (say 100) and connec tthe uplink to the Internet to VLAN 100.


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Re: Basic Design - Instant

The devices are the switch and the ISP internet device.   How would you configure internet on port 1 of the switch (vlan 2) and then create the subnet (vlan 20) on the rest of the ports for the IAP, etc to reach the internet.  Does that require natting?  How can you do that on the aruba?


Thank you!!


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Re: Basic Design - Instant

Can this be done on the aruba switch or do you need to have a natting router for the internet and point to it?  thanks

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Re: Basic Design - Instant

Hi all,


How can we create nat overload on the aruba switch so it will act as a uplink router to the ISP internet device?  This switch will also have poe and dhcp for the IAPs. 


The design is for a guest internet hot spot.


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Re: Basic Design - Instant

Hi All,


Will IAPs work on a layer3 switch when it is configured with a inside vlan IP address and ip nat inside to an outside internet vlan on the same switch?


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Re: Basic Design - Instant

all good

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