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Best Setup for Multiple IAP104s

I am putting a bid together for a client with 6 IAP104's.  All of the 104's will be mounted to a wall with Omni Antenna's.  This customer is going to have 70 clients on the network at all times.  Previously we have been setting up our Aruba Systems with the IAPs in bridge mode, and using a router in the head end.  We use the Sonos Music system on each install, so we need to have the ability to operate the Sonos System on each AP.  We have been using the Engenius ESR750 or the Cisco RV042 at the head end as the gateway.

Here's my questions:


1) Is there a way to get away from using the router?  If I set each AP to do NAT and DHCP then they won't be able to access stuff on the hardwired network correct?  Just Access to the internet?


2)  Is there a way to eliminate the Router at the head end with this type of setup?  If I use the router, will the IAP's still be able to determine which AP a device will connect to in a high density situation?


3)What is the ideal way to hook up the IAP's?  Currently we will plug the modem into a router, then plug the router into a Cisco SG300 POE, then all of the hardwired devices into the cisco switch, and all AP's plugged into switch.  Each AP is then set to have the router assign an IP address.  Is there a more efficient way to do this?


Forgive me for my lack of knowledge.  We were using an IT company to do this stuff before but they started to get kind of flaky.  We offer high end home Audio/ Video Solutions, so we need to get more fluent in networking anyway.  Most of our stuff involves people walking thoughout their house controlling their Lights, Music, Security, thermostat, etc.  We have been very happy with the Aruba IAP's, I just want to learn more, and install more.



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Re: Best Setup for Multiple IAP104s

might be me but i dont quite get the setup, would you be able to draw a simple picture of what you are doing?

Re: Best Setup for Multiple IAP104s



Since the Cisco SG300 is not able to NAT then you need to rely on the router to do your nating .


I really don't see much of an issue on your layout based on what you are describing .


We have a similar setup as yours but with no the amount of devices you guys are expecting.


Since we don't have that many devices you just let the ISP modem do the nat and also provides the IP address that wireless devices will get.





Thank you

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