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Best practice survey for VoWifi

Hi there a customer of ours wants to have a wlan for wireless handhelds Zebra TC52, but we need to take in mind that next year they will use an also for VoWifi. They use 3CX voip system and skype for business.

So if we consider they will use smartphone 2x2 ac devices..

What do we have to keep in mind as requirements during a site survey?

Minimum dbm of 65 rsi, and hear a second AP ar minimim of 78 dbm or something?

And can a controllerless wlan handle the vowifi decent?
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Re: Best practice survey for VoWifi

In general, you should design a wireless network that works for the least sensitive devices that will be using voice over wifi.  It is more straightforward to design for a single hardware voip device than it is for a hardware device that supports a voip APP, because the manufacturer of the hardware device can publish specific wifi requirements.  You should first see if the manufacturer or the voip app has specific suggestions about the typical wifi environment that is needed to support the app in a mobile setting.  If that doesn't exist you should just design something that supports smooth roaming for the device(s) that the app will be running on.


I am being general, because there are so many variables in such a setup.


Yes a controllerless WLAN can support VOIP, totally.

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Re: Best practice survey for VoWifi

Thanks a lot for the helpful advice.

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