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Bridge setup IAP-105



I got 2 Aruba IAP 105 and i can't get the bridge setup working.

Running at version (Most recent)


What did i do?

1. Cluster the AP's and configure.

2. Reboot the (bridge) AP and make it mesh.

3. Create a wired profile.

                         POE: disabled

                         Admin status: enabled

                         Uplink: enabled

                         Mode: Access

                         Client IP assignment: VC

4. At wired Select de bridge profile in 0/0.

5. Reboot the (bridge) AP.

6. Edit the AP "uplink" tab and enabled Eth0 bridgingand leave VLAN to 0.

7. Reboot the (bridge) AP.

8. Put ethernet cable in and connect to a pc.


Kind regards,



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Re: Bridge setup IAP-105

Hi Kevin,


Have you any luck working out this problem ? I have a very similar issue and have basically tried the same config, i have logged a call to Aruba TAC.



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Re: Bridge setup IAP-105

This Worked for me 
  Re: Trying to Bridge between two buildings [ New ]

OK figured it out, to link 2 wired networks with an instant the following needs to be done:


  • Enable bridging on eth0 of the remote “point”
  • Edit “Default Wired port Profile” and change the Admin status to UP

This then extends the wired network wirelessly to the new location.



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Re: Bridge setup IAP-105

It was working for me when testing in lab.

When i moved the setup it didn't work... which is strange.

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