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Broken OS "Unwound Call Trace:" after failed upgrade

Hello. Does anyone have a procedure, or know where I can get a real procedure to recover a broken IAP-105 that failed to upgrade? I have five APs, all of which are in the same Aruba Instant group. I attempted to upgrade them all from the webpage of the Master unit (which is an easy procedure). However, one of the units failed the upgrade. It will no longer boot. It sits in a constant rebooting loop with "Unwound Call Trace:
[<c08b5690>] ar5416ChipReset+0x814/0x1150 [ath_hal]"

as the error.


I can access the apboot> prompt, but the clear command doesn't seem to work (or wasn't fully implemented in the code yet), and a factory restore, or even a reset doesn't allow me to do anything.


Aruba's Support site doesn't seem to have any info to support this without a TAC case.



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Re: Broken OS "Unwound Call Trace:" after failed upgrade

Have you tried a hard reset?


Power Off the IAP

Hold in the RESET button

Power On and wait about 5 second (Power LED will start flashing)

Release the reset button and let the unit boot


When it comes back up it should get the new OS and config from the VC.

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Re: Broken OS "Unwound Call Trace:" after failed upgrade

Yeah, tried that. No fix. Thanks!

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Re: Broken OS "Unwound Call Trace:" after failed upgrade

try 'factory_reset' in console, check whether it helps

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Re: Broken OS "Unwound Call Trace:" after failed upgrade

The fix was to go through warranty. Pretty sad, if you ask me. Just shows how cheaply engineered and poorly tested these things are. Of course, re-deploying the replacement caused an outage, and the fix was not quick and easy. I swear I've been burned by Aruba since day 1, and every time something happens to one of these devices, the fix is way more profusely convoluted than the simplicity they advertise. They're so over-engineered and under-thought. The advanced thing that makes deployment a breeze is the same thing that causes them to be unreasonably unpredictable, because situations and scenarios do not seem to be thrown into the software's abilities.


I'm sorry to vent, and sorry if the rest of you love the Arubas. When these work, they're quiet and easy. But when they break, it's a real mess. I don't like them.

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