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CLI for IAP-105%0D%0A

Hi, I have an Aruba IAP-105 deployment of 4 installed

I wanted to know if there is a CLI interface to get into it?  putty/ssh?

and if there is a cli manual/pdf?

Here are some things I wanted to do

1. the Guest SSID - we want to limit time restrictions - 9-5pm 

2. through a "GPO" or something, remap all users wireless SSID from the old one to the new Aruba SSIDs...not sure if this is possible...but wanted advise.






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Re: CLI for IAP-105%0D%0A

There is a CLI for access via the console and SSH access. SSH was added, and Telnet removed,  in more recent versions of SW.


In the IAP WebUI go to System -> Terminal Access and make sure it is enabled.


There is an IAP CLI Reference Guide available for download on the Support site under Documentation: Click here


You can disable an SSID, without turning off the AP, however, IAP currently does not support time-based rules.  You can use AirWave to do this by creating two configs -- one with the SSID enabled and one with the SSID disabled then have AirWave push the configs automatically.

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