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CPPM and DMZ controller

Hello guys, i am trying to build this but i am not sure how to make it work. I have a local controller , a DMZ controller and a CPPM. I already have the L2 GRE running between the local and DMZ controller, when the users connect to the SSID on the local controller i have a redirect to tunnel # and it work perfectly and the users can see the CPPM login website and they can also authenticate. 


Now i really don't want to lose the ESSID but since i am putting the users in a wired profile when the traffic gets into the DMZ controller i will lose the essid/AP and other values, is there a way of make the users connect to the ssid on the local controller, initiate the captive portal authentication locally and just after the user is authenticated move the traffic to the L2 GRE tunnel? if so can you point me into the right direction. Thanks

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Re: CPPM and DMZ controller

You could start looking at ArubaOS 8 with the multizone feature. 8.0.0 is available to start testing. Reach out to your Aruba or partner SE.

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