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Can I disable an SSID on a particular AP in a cluster


At one of our locations, I have a campus of 2 buildings; one is set back quite a way from the street and the other is up against a street with residences facing it.  I have fiber between the buildings. The residential facing building ("Down the Hill") has all its traffic routed at a L3 switch "up the hill" in the main building. Up the Hill, we have a cluster of 7 115 APs in an Instant cluster, broadcasting 4 SSIDs, each on a different VLAN / subnet, plus the management VLAN for the instant cluster.


Because of the physically removed location of the Up the Hill building, we have an open SSID connected to a U-Verse connection we use for corporate guests. (Yes, yes, I know, clear pass... we're getting there, but for now, it's an open.)  This is carved off at L2 and users cannot access our corporate network. It's just an internet connection.


To improve wireless performance Down the Hill, they want me to install 115s down there as well.  However, as soon as I plug them in, because they're Instants, they'll pull the config of the cluster and start broadcasting the same SSIDs, including the open, unsecured guest SSID.  In doing so, we're suddenly providing free wireless for everyone within earshot, which is quite a few homes.


So the question becomes: Can I disable an SSID for a select number of raidos in an Instant cluster? Or, is the best design to carve off a VLAN/subnet for a new Instant cluster and configure it separately, leaving off the VLAN / SSID for that unsecured guest network?  (Ok, not the BEST design, but a better one at least.)


Re: Can I disable an SSID on a particular AP in a cluster

You can use the "zone" functionality to enable/disable SSIDs per specific APs.  


This is from the User Guide.  



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Re: Can I disable an SSID on a particular AP in a cluster

Hi Clembo.

Thanks for your reply.  When I log in to my Virtual Controller running, I don't see the ability to create a 'zone'.  Is that a feature available on an IAP cluster? If so, if you could point me to any documentation on setting that up, I'd appreciate it.


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Re: Can I disable an SSID on a particular AP in a cluster

The AP Zone feature is covered in the Users Guide.


You can also view a short training video on this topic at:

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