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Can I use IAP-105-US access points in Europe

I have a wifi newtork here in the US using IAP-105-US access points. I would like to create a similar network at our subsidiary in Europe. I have a couple extra IAP-105-USs that I would like to use. Can I deploy these in Europe? I know I can't use an unrestricted AP in the US but can I use a restricted IAP-105-US in Europe? It's hard to find the Unrestricted APs here in the US for me to setup and send them, and this way I could stock the same spares for each office.


I think the only downside is I wouldn't use channels 12 + 14 in Europe. No big deal to me.




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Re: Can I use IAP-105-US access points in Europe

No, US APs are only for US. Deploying a US ap in the EU/ETSI countries could result in large fines applied over in the EU for illegal regulatory device. TL;DR don't do it. 


Also, US APs are NOT convertible, you would have to purchase new RW APs for Europe (Israel has their own regulatory). 

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Re: Can I use IAP-105-US access points in Europe

Thank you. That's why I asked.

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