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Can IAPs work on routed switch interfaces?

I have 2-IAP 134's that I'm going to be using for a mesh bridge. In my lab setup I got the mesh to work great on switchports configured as trunks. I can pass vlan traffic across the bridge with no problems.


What I would like to do is to configure my switchports as a routed interface with a /29 address and give the IAPs a static IP address in the same /29 range. The vlan SVI's will live on the portal switch.


Long question short. Can IAPs work properly on a routed interface? Or should the switchports be configured as trunk ports?


Re: Can IAPs work on routed switch interfaces?

The iAPs will need to see each other in layer-2 for the virtual controller to work - only a problem if you need more than one iAP in a location.


That aside, the vlan for clients can be gre-tunneled back to the portal switch, so I don't see a problem there.


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