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Can't access to instant UI

Hello to the forum members
I have an existing wireless network running  on aruba 305
I am trying to connect another 207 IAP to the existing network

When i add the IAP it get IP address from DHCP on the same subnet of The IAP 305 but it not auto join to the network (the auto join is enabled ) 

However i can't access to Instant UI with the default user & password but Can access via SSH with default user & password and I get warnning "CLI modul is running in degraded state..."

Another thing when i connect the IAP 207 to different subnet i'm able to connect to the Instant UI with default user & password 

please advice 


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Re: Can't access to instant UI

Do you run the same firmware version on the 207 and the 305? 


Please make sure the 207 runs the same version before connecting it to the same subnet/cluster.

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Re: Can't access to instant UI

The IAP 305 version

The IAP 207 version


Re: Can't access to instant UI

Since they are running different versions and are different models, you need to enable internet access from the subnet that the IAPs are on. Then it can get the same version.

Else if you have Airwave you can ensure that these two firmware versions are available and they get upgraded from there.

Lastly you can take one of them put it on its own subnet and upgrade it manually to match the other one and then add it to the other IAP.


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Re: Can't access to instant UI


I will try it and update 

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Re: Can't access to instant UI


Sorry for the delay 

I tried everything without success
I checked that the system version on both devices is the same

Auto join mode is enabled 

Both IAPs on the same subnet and get IP from DHCP 

One IAP is working perfect but when i try to connect one more IAP it is Not auto join and not get inherit configuration 

Even when I attach it manually
I can not set it to the same network as you can see in the attached file 

Please help me I'm really desperate



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