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Can't edit any AP Configuration when IAP-305 is in the VC

I have a VC that consists of all IAP-205.  I purchased some IAP-305 to expand my network.  I was advised to make sure that the IAP-205 are on current firmware before adding the 305's.  I used the automatic update to update my VC to   I then powered up a new 305 that has out of the box.  After an initial image mismatch failure and a restart of the 305, the 305 is functional and shows up in the VC GUI.  However, when I try to Edit the new AP to rename it, the edit link doesn't do anything.  Incidentally, non of the edit links for any of the AP's respond.  I've tried clearing cache and using different browers.  If I disconnect the 305 from the network, as soon as the VC drops the 305 from the list of access points, then I can edit any of the 205 properties.





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Re: Can't edit any AP Configuration when IAP-305 is in the VC

I can't explain it, but the problem seemed to be related to either my VLAN configuration, or the switch I was connected to when testing.  In any case, after moving the AP to it's production location, I was able to edit the configuration.  

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