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Can't log in after dhcp config

I was trying to get dhcp relay to a windows dhcp server to work by making a centralized dhcp server.  I set the vlan to 10 and changed one of our 5 SSIDs to use that vlan.  It didn't work so I kept changing the dhcp settings, enabling option 82 and then enabling tunnel.  I could still access the IAP and once was able to give a client a dhcp address (viewed from the server) but the client refused to stay connected.  So I changed the setting from L2 to centralized L3, put in my dhcp server's ip address as the vlan ip and set the vlan subnet to our subnet ( and that's when everything went bad.  I couldn't connect to the IAP anymore from either wired or wireless clients though the wireless client which was connected to an unaffected SSID had internet just fine.  I can't log in to the IAP from our server either.  https://instant:4343 doesn't work either.  Sometimes I get the "your connection is not private" page and then click proceed but the login page never shows up.  What is going on? 

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Re: Can't log in after dhcp config

Backup to where everything worked.  Make one change at a time after that.


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Re: Can't log in after dhcp config

I'm trying to.  I cannot access the web gui.  And whenever I access the CLI, it's extremely slow.  Usually it disconnects me before I get a login screen but sometimes I can send a macro of commands through once I get the login screen.  I'm trying various commands in the command line reference but they're not working.  First, how do I get the profile name of my custom vlan (#10) and then how do I change the setting on that vlan to Centralized L2?  I have IAP-105s. 

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Re: Can't log in after dhcp config

I did it!  I got the dhcp profile name, I think it was through dhcp show.  Then I deleted the profile using autohotkey (because I couldn't type it fast enough before it disconnected) in putty (the best program to hold a long connection):


AP# configure terminal

AP# no ip dhcp baddhcpprofile

AP# end

AP# commit apply


Finally everything is back to normal.  Just a warning to anyone who doesn't have a controller, don't choose L3 dhcp.  

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Re: Can't log in after dhcp config

[edit] too slow

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