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Cannot Tag VLAN 1 in IAP Network

I am working with a client on a new IAP-315 installation and having an issue with their VLANs.  High level, he is still using VLAN 1 as his Primary Internal Network VLAN, but when setting up an SSID the traffic is not being tagged correctly.  Clients connecting to the SSID with VLAN 1 cannot receive DHCP.  He knows using VLAN 1 is not good practice, but has no choice as this is a build out of an old flat network and is too deep to start retagging.




1 - Data Network

98 - Voice Network

70 - Management VLAN


Switch Setup:

AP Ports have Untagged VLAN 70 and Tagged VLANs 1 and 98

Switch Trunks have Tagged VLANs 70,1,98

Data ports on the switch are Untagged VLAN 1


Connecting a device to any of the Data ports on the switch the clients function as expected, so confirms Trunks are correct to upstream switches.


Uplink VLAN on the APs is set to 0, so assuming that there is a conflict where VLAN 1 is being used as the default.  If I change the Uplink VLAN to 70 on the APs, I would assume that the switch ports would then be have to set to Tagged 70 instead of Untagged.  If so, this would require an additional provisioning step in future having to manually set the Uplink VLAN on each AP before they are connected to an "AP Port" on the switches.


Is there another option to allow an SSID to use VLAN 1?


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Re: Cannot Tag VLAN 1 in IAP Network

By default the iAP will have VLAN 1 as it's native VLAN (untagged). So if you HAVE to use VLAN 1 (not recommended) I would go into the iAP and set the native VLAN to 70 (link below) and then on switchport have VLAN 70 untagged, and VLANs 1, and 98 tagged. You do this another way this is just the way I have done this and it works well.
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