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Cannot access to WebUI on RAP-3


I have RAP-3 which is connected to my LAN with DHCP service. Following quick setup (RAP is on factory default configuration) all i have to do is connect ETH0 to LAN, then connect with SSID "instant" and then access to RAP via I can connect to that SSID but when i try to connect via browser nothing happens there is only redirect to:

with prompt that webpage doesn't work. 

So i plugged via wire into LAN and run wireshark to find out what is IP of RAP. RAP get IP from DHCP, in wireshark i can see MAC address, I can ping this address with sucsessful reply (so it looks like on layer 3 it is available), then tried to access in browser typing https://LAN_IP:4343 but problem is the same. Can you help me guys with this issue?

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Re: Cannot access to WebUI on RAP-3

Hi Friend,


It will happen when the AP is not reset properly. try to do funny reset and try to access "Instant" SSID.


BTW is your client able to proper IP address , GW and DNS IP ? please check these also.


Please feel free for any further query on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Cannot access to WebUI on RAP-3

Thanks for reply. I checked DNS and there was problem with it - now works fine ;)

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