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Cannot link switches into Aruba Central



I have created a trial Aruba Central and wish to kick the tyres with my Aruba 2540/2930F switches.


I added the MAC/Serial into the portal, added a license and assigned to a group , but can't do more than this. Nothing shows under the monitor section and in global > devices the switches have  a black circle next to them (I am assuming this might be green if they were checking in?)


From the switch side, I have config with a gateway and DNS and can confirm the switch can ping (proves DNS/Internet access)


Is there any config to do on the switch side?

How do I troubleshoot this further? I am not that familiar with Aruba Central

I dont have a lot of visibility on the on-prem firewall, it is Cisco ASA and I dont believe there is egress filtering.




Re: Cannot link switches into Aruba Central

Hi ,


Please ensure switches are on the following versions:


Aruba 2930F Switch Series—WC.16.02.0012 or later

Aruba 2540 Switch Series—YC.16.02.0012 or later


There is a documentation tab on the top right hand corner which contains the steps to configure the switches.



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Re: Cannot link switches into Aruba Central

I have the same problem... did some body know how to add switches into aruba central?  i can't find any documentation for this.  Switches are 2930F

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